Works 1900-1947

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Full details of works listed chronologically below

Homme-Dieu, (1903)

oil on canvas, 500 x 500 cm. Bruges: Groeningemuseum.

See “KEY PAINTINGS” menu for full details …

Prométhée (1907)

oil on canvas, 500 x 250 cm. Brussels: Université Libre de Bruxelles.


Five panels for: La Justice à traverse les ages, (1911–14)

Palais de Justice: Brussels.
(This work was detroyed by German bombing at the end of WWII)

Fished studies for the “Justice” cycle that replaced the original paintings:

Finished studies in pencil of the “Justice” cycle

Small studies in oil for the “Justice” cycle

Photographs of Delville working on his “Justice” cycle giving a good idea of the vast scale of the paintings.


Gallery of Works: 1913-1947

Full details of works listed chronologically below

L’Oubli des passions (1913)

oil on canvas, 169 x 146 cm. Private collection.

Le Génie vainqueur (1914).

oil on canvas, 460 x 350 cm (?). Brussels: Palais de Justice.
Study for Le Génie vainqueur (1914)

Portrait de la femme de l’artiste, (1916)

Bruxelles: Musées royaux des beaux-arts de Belgique.

Le Fruit de nos Entrailles (“Mater Dolorosa”, 1918)

oil on canvas, 99 x 81 cm. Private collection.

Sur l’autel de la patrie (1918)

oil on canvas, 305 x 205. Brussels, Royal Academy of Fine Art.

 Les Mères (1919)

oil on canvas, 112 x 144 cm. Dinant: City collection, inv. 203.

Dante buvant les eaux de Léthé (1919)

142 x 179 cm. Private collection.

La Belgique indomptable (1919)

oil on canvas, 177 x 127 cm. Location unknown.

Mosaics for the Arcade of the Cinquantenaire, Brussels (1920)

Delville designed cartoons for six panels on the theme of  ‘Victory’. The overall theme of the cycle was ‘The Glorification of Belgium’. He worked with five other artists to complete the cycle of thirty six panels.

Sur les Tombes des Héros (Martyrs) (1922)

oil on canvas, 112x142cm. Private colection.

Les forces (1924)

oil on canvas, 500 x 800 cm. Brussels: Palais de la Justice.

Hélène, le fille du Cyne (1928)

oil on canvas, 205 x 135 cm. Private collection.

L’Ecole du Silence (1929)

oil on canvas, 180 x 153 cm. Taiwan: Chi Mei Museum.
Study for “L’Ecole du Silence” oil on wood, 46.5 x 39 cm. Private collection

Des ténebrès à la lumière (1929)

oil on canvas, 205.5 x 93.5 cm. Private collection.

Le dieu vaincu par l’amour (1930).

Private collection
Drawing and study for “Le Dieu vaincu par l’amour” (private collections)

Les Femmes d’Eleusis, (1931)

oil on canvas, 110 x 140 cm. Tournai: Musée des Beaux-arts.

Le Secret de la Tombe (1931)

oil on canvas, 135 x 195 cm. Private collection.

Les dernières idoles (1931)

oil on canvas, 450 x 300 cm. Private collection

Seraphitus-Sepraphita (1932)

oil on canvas, 187 x 103 cm. Private collection.

L’Extase de Danté (1932)

oil on canvas, 159 x 53.5. Private collection.

Le rêve de l’amour (1933)

triptych, oil on canvas, 133 x 298 cm. Private collection.

Le Christ en Deuil (1933)

oil on canvas, 200 x 215 cm. Private collection.

Les Idées (1934)

oil on canvas, 210 x 280 cm. Private collection.

La Libération (1936)

oil on canvas, 180 x 250 cm. Private collection.

Le Dieu de la Musique (1937)

oil on canvas, 240 x 146 cm. Brussels: Conservatoire Royale.

Le voile de la nuit (1937)

oil on canvas, 168 x 127. Private collection.

Les quatres Kumaras (1938)

oil on canvas, 112 x 56 cm. Private collection.

Studies for the “Kumaras”

Pegasus (1938)

oil on canvas, 114 x 95 cm. Mons: Musée de Beaux-arts de Belgique, inv. 285.

Le Fléau or La Force (1940)

oil on canvas, 135 x 194 cm, Brussels: Galerie Uzal.

La Roue du monde (1940)

oil on canvas, 298 x 231.1 cm. Antwerp: Royal museum of Fine Art, inv. 2607.

Les ames errantes (1942)

oil on canvas, 150 x 330 cm. Private collection.


Régénération (c. 1943)

oil on canvas, 70 x 51 cm, Private collection.

La vision de la Paix (1947)

oil on canvas, 100 x 120 cm, private collection



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